What is a Dyna-Center?

Dynamic equipment centers, custom designed to provide  outdoor housing for any combination of  Refrigeration, Mechanical, and Electrical needs.

Dyna-Centers are custom pre-manufactured mechanical rooms designed to enclose any combination of refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing, mechanical or electrical distribution equipment.

What makes a Dyna-Center right for your application?

Versatility- Dyna-Centers are custom designed to fit any application.  These units can be located on a ground level slab, roof top, or  mezzanine.  Dyna-Centers can be fitted with multiple refrigeration systems, complete electrical distribution equipment, generators, air compressors, water heating systems, pumping stations, environmental controls and many other mechanical or electrical devices.

Economical- The utility centers arrive onsite as complete factory assembled units to reduce construction time and cost.  Units equipped with electrical distribution centers can be delivered early enough in the construction schedule to eliminate temporary power sources.  With Dyna-Center’s flexibility, the centers can be located outside the main building to free up additional warehouse, storage or sales floor space.  Moreover, Dyna-Centers offer certain tax advantages over interior motor room equipment.

Superior Design- Innovative design & construction methods have catapulted Dyna-Center to the top of list in factory assembled utility centers.  Its unique galvanized frame structure provides the ultimate protection from deterioration and weighs 30% less than similar units.  An industrial grade hardwood floor is standard in all Dyna-Centers; a fiberglass layer adhered to the underside of the hardwood prevents moisture from rotting the floor.  Electrical raceways are installed through out the centers to provide a clean and neat electrical installation.

Advantages of Dyna-Center

  • Reduced construction cost
  • Condensed construction schedules
  • Eliminates temporary power need
  • Conserves floor space
  • Provides flexibility in project planning
  • Custom manufactured per end user’s specific needs
  • Simplifies logistics during remodel projects
  • Provides walk around access to all equipment
  • Galvanized construction prevents corrosion
  • Factory level quality control and precision
  • Built to withstand adverse weather conditions
Dyna Center
Dyna Center
Dyna Center
Dyna Center