What is a Dyna-Pack?

Dynamic Outdoor Package Units consisting of a Parallel Compressor System, Accessible Enclosure and Factory Mounted Condenser

The unique Dyna-Pack is a dynamic outdoor package unit that consists of a single parallel compressor system in a service accessible sheet metal enclosure with roof mounted condenser.

What sets the Dyna-Pack aside from all other outdoor racks?

Serviceability Dyna-Pack is the only service friendly package unit in the industry.  Major components including electrical cabinet, compressors, receiver and oil system are accessible from inside the unit.  Circuit stubs and suction filters are accessed from outside through lift-off panels.  The lighted interior features a generous space for technicians with 74” overhead clearance and minimal floor obstructions.

Space Conservation – The space saving features of a factory assembled unit makes the Dyna-Pack the best choice for remodels where existing motor rooms must remain operational during the change over period.  Dyna-Pack is also a great alternative in new construction– interior motor rooms can be eliminated or converted to more usable space.

Custom Designed– A Dynamic list of options and finishes enhance the Dyna-Pack’s luster.  Personnel access panels and exhaust locations can be positioned to accommodate any jobsite condition.  With the Dyna-Pack’s versatile design, these units can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Advantages of Dyna-Pack

  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Service Friendly, protects Service Techs from the elements
  • Custom Manufactured based on Customers specific needs
  • Galvanized Construction Prevents Corrosion
  • Structurally Lightweight and Compact
  • Lower Refrigerant Charge
  • Eliminates need for Motor Room
  • Shortens Refrigerant Lines on Large Projects
  • Simplifies Logistics during Remodel
  • 50% Lower Cost vs. Mechanical Centers
  • Conserves space